Initiator, along with Mihai Florea (University of Bristol Duignan Bursary-funded researcher) of Nu Nu Platform: a research-through-practice theatre platform.

As a child, I used to play in the mirror or in the fields, in the countryside and imagine that I was a soprano. That felt so good… even though I did not have a voice! The fascinating thing was that if I believed enough in my game, it would transport me in a world, which I ruled: a world… in which everything was as I wanted it to be. When I grew up I went to university to become a professional actress. I believe theatre is one of the very few places where my world, my understanding of it, my way of seeing it can make me believe that I have a purpose in life. I dreamed of theatre and I still do. I dream of a future in which theatre makes me feel that I really exist…





  • Modern Art Oxford – ‘’ Mummy – A’’ Director/Performer
  • Richard Hamilton Building – ‘’Egg Hamlet 2’’ – Director/Performer
  • Frilagret Gothenburg‘’ Lord Boris’’- Director/Actor
  • Arena Space, Richard Hamilton Building Oxford – ‘‘Bandit’’ – Director
  • The Vestibules/Bristol – Pomana Hamlet – Director/Performer
  • Frilagret, Gothenburg and Wickham Theatre, Bristol – BANDIT by Mihai Florea – Director/Scenography
  • ArnolfiniBristol – egg-Hamlet – adaptation after Hamlet, by W. Shakespeare – Actor/Director
  • Theatre 2 Space/Wickham Theatre, Bristol – Billie Killer (adaptation after a folk tale), Director/Scenography/Actor – project funded by Arts Council Englandand University of BristolAlumni Foundation – 2014
  • Wickham Theatre, Bristol – Experiment Ionesco(adaptation after The Chairs, by Eugene Ionesco) – Director/Scenography  – 2012
  • Wickham Theatre, Bristol – ‘Tis pity she’s a whoreby John Ford – Director/Scenography – 2011
  • Teatrul Mic, Bucharest – The Seagull by A.P. Chekhov – Assistant Director, Set and Costume Designer – 2008
  • L’Lantiol Theatre, Barcelona – Commedia dell’Arte(improvised physical theatre) – Assistant Director – 2007




  • High Fest International Performing Arts Festival 2018 Yerevan, Armenia – Bandit
  • Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2017 – ‘’ Lord Boris’’
  • Elastic Festival Oxford – ‘’ Bandit’’
  • Gothenburg Theatre Festival 2016 – BANDIT by Mihai Florea – The Gothenburg Fringe Festival – Punch in the Face Award
  • Lapsody Festival, Helsinki – Billie Killer, by Mihai Florea – the role of Goat
  • Accidental Festival– The Roundhouse, London with Experiment Ionesco

Inside Artswith Experiment Ionesco, directed by Ileana Gherghina.

  • September – Stroud Theatre Festivalwith Experiment Ionesco, directed by: Ileana Gherghina.
  • International Theatre Festival Craiova Romania, with Twelfth Nightproject (adaptation of W. Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night), directed by Prof Adrian Pintea.
  • Fringe Sibiu International Theatre Festival – Sibiu, Romania, with The Rough Menby Carlo Goldoni, directed by Prof. Adrian Pintea.
  • Sighisoara Medieval Art Festival – Sighisoara, Romania – with The Rough Menby Carlo Goldoni, directed by Prof Adrian Pintea.
  • Arad Classical Theatre Festival– Arad, Romania – with The Rough Men, by Carlo Goldoni, directed by Prof Adrian Pintea.




  • Arnolfini, Bristol-Billie Killer, by Mihai Florea- the role of Goat
  • Sir Robert Martin Theatre,Loughborough – Billie Killer by Mihai Florea – the role of Goat
  • Bierkeller, Bristol – Billie Killer,by Mihai Florea – the role of Goat
  • The Rag Factory, London – Billie Killer, by Mihai Florea – the role of Goat
  • Wickham Theatre, Bristol – Billie Killer, by Mihai Florea – the role of Goat
  • Wickham Theatre, Bristol – Experiment Ionesco, by Eugen Ionesco – the role Old Woman
  • Bristol Old Vic/Theatre Uncut – Church forced to put up gates after font is used as wash basin by migrants – by Mark Thomas, – the role of Female 2
  • Nottara Theatre, Bucharest – The Rough Menby Carlo Goldoni, directed by Professor Adrian Pintea – the role of Lucietta
  • Cassandra Studio Theatre, Bucharest – Don Juanby Odon von Horvarth, directed by Peter Kerek – the role of Magda
  • NA.T.C. ‘I.L.Cargiale‘, Bucharest – TwelfthNight (adaption of W.Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night), directed by Prof Adrian Pintea – the role of Mary


Tour with the production The Rough Men @

  • The National Theatre Belgrade, Serbia
  • The National Theatre Sterija Popovic, Vrsac, Serbia.
  • The State Theatre, Arad, Romania
  • The Student’s Theatre Studio, Cluj, Romania



  • Loughborough University, UK – Workshop with drama students using the ”childlike” approach in theatre making.
  • Helsinki Art University – Finland – Workshop called ”The Chairs”
  • Bristol University, UK – Workshop for Postgraduate Symposium




University of Bristol, Bristol, UK                                                                                                          2010 – 2012

MA in Performance Research – Merit

My research was focused on Directing, with an emphasis on defining my own creative technique, which I call the ‘childlike approach. Other courses I undertook were devising, alongside a scenography course and live art. I have also had a placement with the Arnolfini Contemporary Arts Centre in Bristol, where I participated in rehearsals and talks.

National University of Theatre and Film, I.L. Caragiale, Bucharest, Romania                               2000 – 2004

BA in Acting for Stage and Screen – First Class Honours

My studies have included the Stanislavski technique (with Prof Venjiamin Filshtinski, from The Arts Academy, St. Petersburg), Commedia dell’Arte, Physical theatre, Poetry, Dramaturgy, Dario Fo technique, Theatre History, Acting for Screen, Philosophy, Psychology, Analysis of the Acting Processes.