ANOTHER ONE DIED – by Radu Gyr (translated by Mihai Florea)

Radu Gyr is a Romanian poet, imprisoned and tortured by the Communist regime. A large part of his poetic work has been composed in prison and kept in the memory (as writing on paper was not allowed), to be transcribed only later, upon the poet’s release from prison. Gyr has also inspired our latest project, Bandit and Churchill.



Another one’s died…

Hunger on his face,

Mist in the eyes,

Hands of tobacco…


Another one’s died…

Of the cursed lot

Slowly fading out

All – one by one…


Three, six, eight, ten…

The haggard has died

So much the better

He’s free now to go…


All dreams of bile,

Of women’s bodies,

And of hominy will

Burn him no longer.


Ah… my good old God…

Caresses him dearly!

Dear comrades in death

I present you one more!


Oh, yes… let him leave!

Shut up – all of you!

He leaves behind a broth

And the cold bread loaf.