Ileana Gherghina


Initiator, along with Mihai Florea (University of Bristol Duignan Bursary-funded researcher) of Nu Nu Platform: a research-through-practice theatre platform.

Ileana is a professional actor and director, with solid experience on the international theatre circuit. She has an MA in Performance Research, with accolades for the productions Experiment Ionesco and Billie Killer. She investigates into new approaches to directing, dedicating her research to what she calls ‘the childlike approach’ – a directing and acting method allowing the artist to exist on stage de-centering the accepted or inherited aesthetic norms.

As a child, I used to play in the mirror or in the fields, in the countryside and imagine that I was a soprano. That felt so good… even though I did not have a voice! The fascinating thing was that if I believed enough in my game, it would transport me in a world which I ruled: a world in which everything was as I wanted it to be. When I grew up I went to university to become a professional actress. I believe theatre is one of the very few places where my world, my understanding of it, my way of seeing it can make me believe that I have a purpose in life. I dreamed of theatre and I still do. I dream of a future in which theatre makes me feel that I really exist .



MA in Performance Research at University of Bristol, UK

Main areas of research – Directing and Scenography


BA (First Class Honours) in Acting for Screen and Stage at the National University of Theatre and Film ‘I.L.Caragiale’ (U.N.A.T.C.) Bucharest, Romania.


Stanislavsky’s Last Notebooks – Professor Veniamin Filshtinsky, from St. Petersburg State Theatre Arts Academy, conducts a 4-week intensive course, based on Stanislavsky’s last annotations on senses, thought and imagination.

Commedia dell’Arte – intensive course with Professor Doctor Honoris Causa Sanda Manu, of U.N.A.TC. ‘I.L.Caragiale’ Bucharest, focused on physical and script improvisation.

Directing – research undertaken at Bristol University with various professors: professor Simon Jones, professor emeritus Martin White.

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