Gothenburg Fringe Festival Award – ”For uncompromisingly capturing the essence of oppression” ( Biggest face Punch Award ) for the production ,,Bandit”

Supported by Bristol University.

BANDIT is a 45 min piece inspired by experiments of brainwashing through torture in Communist prisons of ’51/’52 Romania.

A Kafkaesque sequence of testimonies.

A meditation on the unbeknownst histories we all may hide inside.

A vigil for the good that could not be born.

BANDIT has been inspired by testimonies of survivors of the Experiment Pitesti: a brainwashing-through torture experiment conducted in the years 51/52 on ‘political’ prisoners (mainly students) by the Communist regime. A combination of spoken word, animation, drawing, video and original sound. BANDIT has been previewed @ the White Theatre, Bristol, Theatre Department, for a selected audience. The text is very powerful and harrowing, also because it has been kept very close to the original survivors’ accounts, which are truly horrific. The piece touches very deep feelings in the audience.