Elena Farago

LADYBIRD    by Elena Farago


Why in your fist

– You sweet child –

Squeeze me like that?

Do you not know

It hurts me?

I’m little too!

You’re clenching me so hard!


And just like you…

I’m a child too

And I love playing too.

And pity

You should show

To see me fear!

To see me cry!


Why do you want

To have me killed?

Like you…

I’ve got my parents too

My Mum

Will wail for me

And my two sisters too.


And my poor Dad

Will cry the most

I’m only three days old

Pity show onto then,

You dear child

Let go of me…

I’m done!


So cried entrapped

A Ladybird

In crushing

Clench of fist

It loosened only after

Nothing was left

Of Ladybird.


Child tried in vain

To wake her up

Blowing with wind

Her wings.

But ripped, in dust

That’s where she fell …

Forever stuck.


Sickened, you child

By such a deed

It’s no use crying…

Now, child…

You’d better hurry up

And tell your folks

‘Look what I’ve done!’


Tell them you want

From now on

With love to look

After all living

In the dust

However useless, small

Or odd they’d be.