I’ve been judged by Pigs

True story!

The first years of terror under Communist rule in Romania: a great barrister and Professor of Law is arrested for being ‘an enemy of the people’. The judge is one of the Professor’s ex-students, quickly risen in the ranks.

In Court, the judge asks: What have you got to declare?

The Professor: I should have failed you when I had the opportunity!

The judge: Please show respect for this Court! What will your defence be?

The Professor: I will tell a fable!

Whispers in Court.

Once there was a very beautiful Peahen started the Professor. And as she walked around she met Crow. Crow said: ‘I am the most beautiful bird that exists because I have shiny and perfectly black feathers and such a nice beak!’

Peahen said: ‘No! I am the most beautiful bird that exists!’

Let’s go and find someone who can be our judge and whomever is more beautiful shall poke one eye of the less beautiful!’ said Crow.

Off they went and they met Pig, who was snorting.

‘Who’s the most beautiful of the two of us, Pig?’

‘Of course YOU are the most beautiful dear Crow! Look at your feathers and at your beak!’ said Pig.

Crow poked Peahen’s eye.

Peahen was left so sad and as she walked away she met Squirrel, who asked: ’Peahen, why are you so sad? Is it because Crow poked one of your eyes?’

‘No’, replied Peahen! ‘I’m sad because I’ve been judged by Pigs’