Pastille: Artists, Appetite, Food


Having nothing better to do with my time I suppose, I randomly look at ‘artists’ and their ‘activity’ – majority of this happening on Facebook where everyone posts something, likes something, etc. therefore one can ceaselessly link to people’s ‘activity’. In my case, predominantly ‘artists’, as that’s what they like to call themselves, even though… 🙂


I have noticed one very, very interesting thing. A considerable number of these ‘artists’ look like they haven’t eaten for a long time!


Don’t get me wrong! I’m not judging people’s appetites here! But it was amazing to discover how hungry many of these ‘artists’ look! At least that’s what I make from their little presentation trailers! There’s SO much emphasis on the after-show, after-festival parties and on the FOOD especially! And ah, my God, the ‘artists’ look at food and eat it like there’s no tomorrow, like they haven’t seen it for such a long time! Very troubling discovery for me to make!


My brotherly message to all such ‘artists’ is keep staring, salivating and keep eating! And bon appetit!


After all, behind every artist there IS a human being! As hungry as that human being may be!