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Nu Nu Theatre is an experimental theatre company based in Bristol, in the UK – established in 2012. Our company is working with professional performers who perform in a non-native language. Our aesthetic vision is realised using a working technique which we naively call the ‘childlike approach’ to theatre making. The company’s founders – Mihai Florea and Ileana Gherghina – are both Romanian theatre professionals, with research degrees in Theatre Studies in the UK. We co-run CASL (Centre for Actors in a Second Language) – an online platform for research and dialogue on second language performing.

The company has been established to function as a platform for our artistic ideas. Each of us has various roles. Ileana takes on the role of director and scenographer, for which she has specialised during her MA course and Bogdan does the writing and/or adaptation.


Places where we have presented our work.

Wickham Theatre – Bristol\ White Theatre – Bristol\Arnolfini – Bristol\ Old Vic Theatre – Bristol/ Roundhouse – London\ LAPsody Festival – Helsinki\Sir Robert Martin Theatre,Loughborough\Bierkeller Theatre – Bristol\Inside Arts Festival – Bristol\ Stroud Festival – Stroud/ Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2016 – Gothenburg/Arena Space, Richard Hamilton Building – Oxford/Elastic Festival – Oxford/Gothenburg Fringe Festival 2017 – Gothenburg/ The Vestibules – Bristol/ Squash and Stretch Festival- Oxford/Hogacre Common Art Show- Oxford/High Fest International Performing Arts Festival- Yerevan, Armenia/



Gothenburg Fringe Festival Award – ”For uncompromisingly capturing the essence of oppression” ( Biggest face Punch Award ) for the production ,,Bandit”

‘Culture must be the way one does things’ – Mihai

'Art is here to remind us of what we no longer have' - Mihai
‘I love it when I feel like a nobody amongst ‘important’ people. I think that’s the best position you can be in, when you are an artist or when you want to be one.’ – Mihai

‘Art is there to instigate us in thinking how it would be if we truly lived. Outside of this function of reminder, art – I think – is futile.’ – Mihai

'The artist should not try to show reality because that is impossible and so the artist becomes a failed imitator. The artist should try and convey the imagination, which is the other side of nature and try to create other worlds with those worlds’ realities.-Ileana

An artist – I think – should avoid ‘knowing’ things. – Mihai.

I would paraphrase Andre Malraux and say: 21st Century art will be religious (spiritual) or it will not be at all. – Mihai.

In my opinion, the essence of an artist's art and its climax is when the artist is able to pause - in front of an audience - to take a second... inhale and exhale. That's art! An artist who cannot take his time to breathe in front of an audience, he is not an accomplished artist. - Mihai.





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