Thank You, Theatre Bristol!

It all started when Theatre Bristol generously funded Nu Nu’s Ileana Gherghina travel/participation in the 2017 edition of IETM in Brussels, Belgium. There she had the chance to listen to a number of inspiring presentations and see some great performances. Importantly, Ileana met a number of theatre and performance festival directors from across the world and to pitch some of Nu Nu’s theatre projects.  

The exchange of opinions, interactions and contacts that happened during the IETM Brussels led to a series of invitations to apply for theatre/performance festivals across Europe and beyond.  

We were thrilled to be invited – as a company – to perform our project BANDIT in the official selection of the HighFest Theatre and Performance Festival 2018, organised in Yerevan, Armenia. That would not have been possible without the initial financial support provided by Theatre Bristol.  

In 2019, we have been invited to the same festival – in the official (non-fringe) programme – to present another theatre piece produced by our company. The travel to Yerevan has been again very generously co-supported by Theatre Bristol Agents funding stream 

In Yerevan, in both 2018 and 2019, we have had the opportunity to meet theatre artists, curators, art managers and art critics and we were able to expand our artistic network and to lay the foundations of exciting, new collaborations. 

All this great artistic adventure would have not been possible without the support of TheatreBristol. 

As a medium-scale, Bristol-based theatre company we have benefitted immensely from the new contacts and collaborations created in Yerevan. 

We would like to thank TheatreBristol for their support and we would also like to encourage other artists and companies to apply for funding and pursue their artistic dreams.