Geo Bogza

Any man by Geo Bogza



Any man whom I cannot love is – to me – a spring of deep sorrow.


Any man whom I have loved and can’t love anymore is – to me – a step closer to death.


When I won’t be able to love anymore, I will die.


You, who know yourselves to deserve my love, be careful not to kill me.



Gathered on sex’s first meridian   by Geo Bogza


Gathered on sex’s first meridian,

The continent’s pimps

Decided to elect the great Mongol of vaginas.

For the most beautiful girls of the nations,

Continental newspapers devised eulogies on thousands of columns.

For the jewel of the award-winning vagina,

All the continent’s billionaires

Backstage, sharpen their phallus of gold.



Signs by Geo Bogza


With knees-to-mouth, clenched-fists

The babies sleep in mothers’ bellies,

Tender question marks.


With a straight body, face upwards

The dead sleep in earthly depth,

Rigid exclamation marks.


What do they know? So categorical they are!


The nightmare by Geo Bogza



I was wandering through a city of dogs

Dogs… only dogs roamed the streets:


Some in one direction, others in other.

All wearing a yellowy briefcase

And passing, full of themselves, to and fro.


My astonishment would not have been so

Nor the fear, making me stick to the walls

If, from the glances they were throwing at me,

Were I not to know that the briefcases were sewn

From human skin.