I feel best when I travel…

Although I don’t like travelling as such.

I don’t like luggage…

I was blessed with the chance to leave my home country.

Although I never wanted to… Never!

I have moved to a country that, from afar, I didn’t like.

Now living in it, I very often plan to move.


I’ve always wanted to act.

Life has moved me from one place to another.

But I still managed to act.

The price I had to pay was big though.

I had to go back to school.

That being not my biggest dream…

I am grateful though for it.


When I visit another country, I immediately want to remain there…

To start anew there…

I can see so many things to do, so many chances in that new country…

Then I get frightened that I might have missed chances.

Immediately though, I feel incredibly relieved.

I realise that

I don’t really care about chances at all.

I’m a traveller in fact.

Although I don’t like travelling as such.