Peahen and Crow: Fable

Once upon a time in a forest, Peahen meets Crow.

Peahen says: ‘I’m the most beautiful in this forest!’

‘No! I’m the most beautiful in this forest! Shall we go and ask around who’s the most beautiful, me or you?’ says Crow. ‘And whoever is less beautiful, let them have one of their eyes poked by the other one!

Off they went and met with Boar.

‘Boar, who’s most beautiful of the two?’ asked Crow.

‘Oh, you Crow of course! Just look at your feathers and your beak! You’re certainly the most beautiful!’

Crow poked Peahen’s eye and Peahen left all upset.

On the way, she meets Squirrel. ‘What are you so sad, Peahen?’ asked Squirrel. ‘Is it because Crow has poked your eye?’

‘No’, answered Peahen, it’s because I’ve been judged by pigs.