Smooth operator



Smooth Operator


‘Collaborating towards a mutual goal, according to the principles of anticredentialism (you don’t need references or degrees to do a specific task well) and equipotential (everyone has the same potential to contribute to a collective project with their specific talent or project).’


Quoting from an artist residency call!


The next thing I am planning to do is to get in touch with NASA and advise them – an input therefore – on how to plan their next trips to Mars. If only NASA would be as permissive as this arts residency!


Oh, and I will also speak to the Royal Opera House for June, when Domingo is due to sing, to let ME have a go. After all, I have my own specific talent and I can certainly contribute!


In the future, I’ll be trying my luck on some brain surgery as well!


I don’t understand how, with some arts, (not music or classical ballet though, where you can very easily spot THE ‘potential’) it is possible to fake what you are actually NOT ABLE to do.


Oh, and by the way, the above place of residence operates other types of residencies. Looked at their ‘other’ application forms: oops! You need two references! How’s that for a great joke?