SLEEP TIGHT, MUMMY’S BABY! by Radu Gyr (translated by Mihai Florea)

BANDIT AND CHURCHILL… an attempt to rewrite our history-es!



Sleep tight, Mummy’s baby… no more
Nursery rhymes are left on this Earth…
The stories I’m not telling you – all
Are dead under the cry of the cannon.

Under tanks – hundred of years ago –
Sun and Moon – in the porch – also died
No whisper is left to caress you
And there’s no more milk left in my teats.

Because in this world now there are only
Wailing winds left – with their blow
And the hunger too – of your baby’s cot,
And Mummy’s crying – the deepest curse!

And the screech of the maddened chains
Hanging on Daddy’s ankles – in prison.
Sleep tight, Mummy’s baby, no more
Nursery rhymes are left on this Earth..